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In this episode of the Apollo 40 under 40 podcast (recorded at the Apollo offices in London in February 2020) Gabrielle Schwarz speaks to the artist Mohamad Hafez, who is also a trained and practising architect. The Syrian-born, US-based artist discusses his diorama-like sculptures and installations that bring together his memories of his homeland and its rich cultural heritage with the tragedy of its recent devastation. He reflects on the personally therapeutic nature of his work – and his wider mission to humanise the stories of people who have been displaced around the world.

The second series of the Apollo 40 under 40 podcast features short interviews with the talented individuals celebrated in this year’s Apollo 40 under 40 Middle East

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With the artist Mahmoud Khaled. Khaled discusses his work on the themes of gender, queer desire, politics and power – and also talks about how his own experiences, including growing up in Egypt, have shaped his approach.

The Apollo 40 under 40 podcast is presented by Gabrielle Schwarz

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With the writer and researcher Mohamed Elshahed. Elshahed discusses his new book, Cairo since 1900: An Architectural Guide, and his wider mission to map the modernist geographies of Egypt and the Middle East.

The Apollo 40 under 40 podcast is presented by Gabrielle Schwarz

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With the Beirut-based artist Rayyane Tabet. Tabet talks about his current and future shows in London, New York and beyond – topics include language, Lebanese history and his fascination for the lives of objects.

The Apollo 40 under 40 podcast is presented by Gabrielle Schwarz

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With artist Simon Denny. Denny discusses his latest project exploring resource and data mining, and shares his advice for aspiring artists today.


The Apollo 40 under 40 podcast is presented by Gabrielle Schwarz


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With Shoair Mavlian, director of Photoworks in Brighton. Mavlian talks all things photography – from Instagram to her experience working with Elton John’s collection of modernist prints.

 The Apollo 40 under 40 podcast is presented by Gabrielle Schwarz

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In a world suffused with digital images, have we started to forget how to appreciate objects? Exceptional objets d’art may attract crowds or fetch eye-watering prices, but how many of us now have the skills to fully evaluate the artistry, rarity and material value of historical furniture, silver, ceramics or glass – let alone pronounce on their authenticity?

In this Apollo podcast, sponsored by Sotheby’s Institute of Art, Ann-Marie Richard discusses how one might set about gaining such knowledge, drawing on her experience as Program Director of the MA Fine and Decorative Art and Design at Sotheby’s Institute, New York. Richard makes the case for the durability of important decorative art objects, in contrast to the ephemerality of so much contemporary design. She describes what it means to teach ‘how much an object weighs, what it smells like’ and explains why ‘you need to use all of your senses’ to appreciate and judge materials – as well as why anyone serious about objects should always carry a tape measure.

Hosted by Thomas Marks

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With Ben Vickers – curator, writer, publisher and Chief Technology Officer at the Serpentine Galleries. Bickers talks about Bitcoin, Benedictine monks, and the challenge of balancing your priorities in life and work.

The Apollo 40 under 40 podcast is presented by Gabrielle Schwarz

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With the actor Russell Tovey – also a devoted collector and supporter of contemporary art. Tovey explains how kids’ cartoons got him into collecting, and discusses his own efforts as a photographer, his friendship with Tracey Emin and his ‘addiction’ to acquiring art.

The Apollo 40 under 40 podcast is presented by Gabrielle Schwarz

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In recent years, the LA art world has been expanding more rapidly than that of any city on the planet. Scores of galleries have opened – or opened outposts – there, and this year, with the inaugural edition of Frieze LA, one of the world’s leading art fair brands has decided to stake its claim on the city. Meanwhile, new private museums such as the Broad have started to attract large numbers of visitors and LA’s flagship institution, LACMA, has been fundraising for a vast, futuristic building designed by Peter Zumthor that will act as its new headquarters.

How sustainable is all this growth? Does it augur well for the many artists based in the city? What effect has it had on the urban fabric of LA? And what skills are needed to manage and maintain this expanding arts infrastructure in the future? These are among the topics addressed by Jonathan T.D. Neil in a new Apollo podcast sponsored by Sotheby’s Institute of Art. Neil is Director of Sotheby’s Institute of Art-Los Angeles, as well as Head of Global Business Development. In the podcast, he sets out why this is such an exciting time for the visual arts in LA – and explains how the distinctive character of the LA art world is driving such dramatic change.

Hosted by Thomas Marks

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With the scholar and critic Erika Balsom at King’s College London, where Balsom is senior lecturer in Film Studies. Balsom talks about her experience of working between the worlds of art and cinema, and academia and criticism, as well as the inspiration behind her latest project – the exhibition and essay ‘An Oceanic Feeling: Cinema and the Sea’.

The Apollo 40 under 40 podcast is presented by Gabrielle Schwarz

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Like them or loathe them, social media platforms now play a prominent role in the art world – whether as marketing tools for businesses, museums and artists, playgrounds for self-promotion, or forums for the dissemination of images and debate. But how far do social media, and particularly Instagram, inform how the art market operates? Have they disrupted traditional sales methods or diversified business opportunities in this sector? And what effect have they had on the behaviour of art world professionals, in terms of decision-making or interpersonal relations?

These are among the topics addressed by Paul Melton in a new Apollo sponsored by Sotheby’s Institute of Art. Melton is a member of the faculty at Sotheby’s Institute of Art New York, and an expert in strategy and communications in the culture sector. In the podcast, he argues that the art market’s infatuation with Instagram brings it closer to financial markets, in terms of how value is assigned in an economy in which attention has increasingly become an asset in its own right.

Be sure to share this podcast with your followers!

Hosted by Thomas Marks

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With the curator Zoe Whitley at Tate Modern in London. Whitley discusses the women who have inspired her, the importance of diversity in exhibition-making, and why she loves working with artists – including Lubaina Himid, who supervised her PhD, and Cathy Wilkes, whose work she is curating for the British Pavilion at the 58th Venice Biennale. 

The Apollo 40 under 40 podcast is presented by Gabrielle Schwarz

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With the artist Jasmina Cibic, who discusses the role of politics in culture, the advice she would give to emerging artists, and her past and future projects – including the exhibition ‘Everything That You Desire and Nothing That You Fear’ at DHC/ART Foundation for Contemporary Art in Montreal.

The Apollo 40 under 40 podcast is presented by Gabrielle Schwarz

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With arts and textiles teacher Andria Zafirakou. Zafirakou discusses the path that led her to teaching and her ideas about widening young peoples’ access to the arts – in particular through her charity Artists in Residence (AiR), which she founded this year after being awarded the Varkey Foundation’s Global Teacher Prize.

The Apollo 40 under 40 podcast is presented by Gabrielle Schwarz

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With the actor and writer Mark Gatiss, who talks about his film John Minton: The Lost Man of British Art. Gatiss discusses his first encounter with Minton’s work at the National Portrait Gallery, and how it led to a lifelong fascination with the artist – seeking out Minton’s paintings, collecting his works, and latterly, for this documentary, retracing his footsteps and talking to some of the artists and models who knew him.

Presented by Thomas Marks

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With the artist William Kentridge, who talks about his performance project, The Head & the Load, as its world premiere takes place at Tate Modern. Kentridge discusses how the piece strives ‘to register and record’ the experience of Africa during the Great War, and to commemorate the African soldiers, carriers and civilians who lost their lives in the conflict.

Presented by Thomas Marks

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The popularity of exhibitions such as ‘Charles I: King and Collector’ at the Royal Academy is a reminder of just how large and enthusiastic an audience still exists for Old Master paintings. But in the 21st century, when fewer people than ever can tell a Saint Roch from a Saint Augustine, or distinguish the period of a painting from its drapery alone, how many of us have the specialist knowledge that allows for a profound appreciation of the Old Masters? How would our understanding of paintings change if we knew more about their condition, or the history of their display, or how their market value has fluctuated historically? And how would we set out to gain such knowledge? 

Those are some of questions that Thomas Marks puts to Chantal Brotherton-Ratcliffe in a new podcast sponsored by Sotheby’s Institute of Art. Brotherton-Ratcliffe is an expert on Old Master paintings who has been teaching at Sotheby’s Institute of Art since 1989, and currently teaches on the MA Fine and Decorative Art and Design in London. In the podcast, she makes the case for how important it is to teach connoisseurial skills, and some of the more unusual methods that she has adopted for doing so. Listen to the podcast now to find out why ‘if you haven’t drawn it, you haven’t seen it’, and why you really ought to wear sunglasses next time you stand in front of a Caravaggio painting.

Presented by Thomas Marks

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With Ralph Taylor, Global Head of Post-War and Contemporary Art at Bonhams, who discusses recent trends for post-war art at auction and how the contemporary art market will develop in 2018 and beyond.

Presented by Thomas Marks

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With the painter Jonathan Yeo, who discusses a new series of paintings based on digital scans of his body, and a sculpture designed in a virtual reality 'life room' and now on display in 'From Life' at the Royal Academy of Arts.

Presented by Thomas Marks

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With Rob and Nick Carter, who discuss the opening of their studio-viewing space RN at 5A in London and the launch of their 'Yoga Photograms' exhibition.

Presented by Thomas Marks

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With Amanda Levete of Amanda Levete Architects (AL_A), who designed the Exhibition Road Quarter at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London

Presented by Thomas Marks

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With Charles Saumarez Smith, Secretary and Chief Executive of the Royal Academy of Arts, London, and author of East London (Thames & Hudson) 

Presented by Thomas Marks

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With Adam Lowe, founder of the Factum Foundation for Digital Technology in Conservation


Presented by Thomas Marks

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With Idris Khan

Presented by Thomas Marks

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With Martin Gayford, author of A History of Pictures.

Presented by Tom Marks.

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Tom Marks speaks to Mike Leigh, the writer and director of Mr. Turner. He is also joined by cast members Dorothy Atkinson and Marion Bailey.

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With Issac Julian, James Cahill, Jack Wakefield and Maggie Gray. Presented by Thomas Marks.

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With Tom Marks, Diane Lees, David Boyd Haycock and Maggie Gray

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